How it works

Why should I take an HPV-test?

A persistent infection with high-risk human papilloma virus (HPV) can over time lead to cell changes which may develop into cervical cancer. Your sample will be analysed for presence of high-risk HPV.

Important notes

*Qvintip should be handled with care and only according to these instructions.
*The white tip may not be removed or bent before self-sampling
*Do not use during menstruation.
*For single use only.
*Keep the device out of reach for children.


Materials provided:

*Qvintip sampling device *Sampling container with cap

Before use

Check that the device is intact, with the white tip attached to the blue handle. You can collect your sample in a standing or lying position.

Self-sampling step-by-step

  • Remove Qvintip from the packaging by holding the blue handle. Keep the device straight.
  • Slide the Qvintip device into your vagina until it stops (about 10 cm).
    • Turn the device 1 full rotation
    • Take the device out (keeping it straight).
  • Let the device dry for 3 minutes. Be careful not to touch anything with the white tip (see picture 3).
  • Place the white tip of the device into the sampling container.
  • Bend the device so the white tip breaks off and falls into the sample container.
  • Put the cap on the sampling Dispose of the blue handle.
  • The sample should then be transferred to a laboratory for HPV-analysis.